RP feels

I’ve never missed a game nor its cast like I miss Dalton. But I want all the grads to be back - I want it to be the way it was like two years ago, with Noah and Jack and Ben and Blaine and Colby and Aaron and Eoin and every fucking body. Maybe I just can’t let go, man, but the IC chats and the Apples to Apples games were literally flawless.

#let’s go back to that

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    I miss that shit like you have no! idea!
  2. callittheblues said: In which Morph reads my mind. Ugh, ditto. :(
  3. tinocka said: i miss the original year myself. especially the ic chats and apples to apples but generally a lot of things.
  4. promisedyouastar said: believe me, you aren’t the only one who misses the original year. /snugs
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