Super special awesome blaggers:

Ash. Jess. Jib. Jormy. Kylee. Pan. Sandra.

Best Blogs 2011 (tried to keep this short, lulz. w e l p):

-: -42, -andrews

A: acariad, anothershadeofwhite

B: billydarley, bishams, bladgley, bluemethy, bonesluv, brokenfame, bsbrock, butternox

C: captainpond, caringsoverrated, colinsexual, cumberbatches, cuntlery

D: dardeile, demoniac, dlmalfoys, drac-oh, draconic

E: emma-weasley, everlark

F: fadingspells, fletchers, fleurtings, freakosaurus, fum0s

G: ggrint, ginervas, girl-who-procrastinated, girlwithapumpkintattoo, grabbyhands

H: hirocks, hogwarting, hogwartsstarrysky

I: iamjohnn, iangallaghers, ishipdracoharry

K: k-slayer

L: le-granger, lumossolaris

M: msgrints

N: neckerchiefs, northerndawn

P: peregrins, phoenix-felicis, planets-bend-between-us, poesys, primrosedd, punctures

Q: queennatali

R: ronperts, roseandtheponds, rosebein, roselands

S: saidharry, sakurapuff, sheisapirate

T: teddykaplan, the-threebroomsticks, thegryffindorseeker, tinychickendisease, ttimeturner, tuperting

U: underpottersspell

V: voldysgonemouldy7

W: wingardium-x, winterfellings

X: xanis

Also my really, really insanely awesome followers. A very safe and happy Christmas to everyone, happiest of holidays and don’t forget to be awesome. The community I’ve discovered on tumblr this year really is more valuable and fantastic than I could have imagined. :) You all rock.